Wrestling in Nicaragua

Written for JOURN 333 (Photojournalism) Research Assignment 1.

Reuters photographer Oswaldo Rivas took pictures of a boxing school in the tiny community of Pacayita, Masaya, Nicaragua, which is located on the Western side of the country. Of all the pictures (which can be seen here), I love this one, taken Jan. 19, 2014, the most. The light beaming down through the trees, but not directly shining on the subjects, is absolutely captivating. The sun so low behind the trees makes it appear like early morning, silently showing the dedication of the young fighters.

I am pretty sure that this sort of lighting situation would have called for fill flash to balance the light on the subjects themselves. If so, it does not appear that Rivas used that technique. It adds to the realism, rather than making the scene look staged.

Rivas has been working as a photographer for nearly three decades He apparently captures most of his work in Central America. After serving in the military on behalf of the social democratic party of Nicaragua, Sandinista, he worked for the photography department of Agencia Nueva Nicaragua (ANN), the party’s news agency, covering the last two years of the civil war. He then moved on to the Honduran paper La Tribuna, and later settled at Reuters, where he has worked for the past 17 years.

Biographical information on Oswaldo Rivas was found…


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