Portraits challenge cultural perceptions

Amazing… Absolutely dispels all conceptions that Amerindians and Indians are one and the same. I like how she used Photoshop to pull this off…

CNN Photos

Living in this multiracial, multicultural world requires a sharper critical eye, says photographer Annu Palakunnathu Matthew.

Her project, “An Indian from India,” places attention much more on its onlookers than its photographic subjects, whisking us away from preconceived generalizations and facile truths about minorities.

Born in England, raised in India and now an art professor at the University of Rhode Island, Matthew has been widely acclaimed for her discreet blend of activism and experimentation in works such as “Bollywood Satirized” and “Open Wound.”

The same thread continues in “An Indian from India,” where Matthew uses Photoshop to manipulate portraits of Native Americans that were taken in the 19th century and early 20th century by ethno-photographers such as Edward S. Curtis. Her process includes photographing herself mimicking the pose of a Native American, extracting it and pasting it onto the original photo.

“I use Photoshop, but I try…

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