Hidden Heroes – My Brothers and Chip

Written for JOURN 333 Photo Assignment 3.

I have awesome brothers. Really.

Michael, 14, and Christian, 12, are my little brothers (though one is taller than me!). And for me, they are the greatest heroes there are.

One area of expertise that is completely unmatched by their female sibling is the cat duty. Chip, our 22-month old orange tabby, is wonderful, and handsome… but somehow, we still don’t get along. That’s where Michael and Christian come in.

“The boys” as they are affectionately called, feed, train, pet, massage, race and otherwise care for our beautiful tabby. Without them I don’t know that I could ever leave the house without tripping on the nosy outdoor pet.

Michael especially cares for Chip. And Christian… let’s just say that only biological restraints prevent him from being twins with his chosen tabby (yes, he chose the cat and the name “Chip”).

For his part, Chip has spotted and killed two snakes — one, a copperhead, which is one of only two poisionous snakes in North America (the other being the rattlesnake). Also, when we moved to West Virginia nearly two years ago, we had a serious mouse problem. But when Chip came in July 2012, he cleaned up the place, and in a matter of months, the mouse problem had pretty much evaporated. By winter 2012, we were mouse-free, and we have been ever since. Chip is awesome!

Beyond cat duties, they cook breakfast once a week, play the violin, man the audio-visual system at church, and are into drafting (Michael), electrical engineering (Christian), and programming (both).

I love my brothers.

My two brothers pose in front of my mom's minvan while Chip sizes it up to see if he can jump onto it.Meta Data – Pic 1 (Wide View)

shutter speed: 1/50

aperture: f/5.6

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Basic – No Flash

My brothers decided to put Chip on Michael’s back and see how he would fare. Chip was chilling while Michael had an aching back. Christian wanted to join in the fun, too. I love the evaluating look on Chip’s face.

Chip the cat sitting on my brother's back.Meta Data – Pic 2 (Close-up)

shutter speed: 1/60

aperture: f/6.3

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Basic – No Flash


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