If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

If You Can't Stand The Heat...

Written for JOURN 333 (Photojournalism) Research Assignment 4.

The New York Times took a look at French restaurants that are moving using imported meats in their kitchens, primarily beef. Beef from England, Bavaria, and even the United States is coming to a Parisan diner near you. 🙂

This particular picture taken by Ed Alcock places the emphasis on the work being done rather than on Chef Johnny Beguin of Le SĂ©vero. The blur motion of the left hand indicates motion — after all, Beguin is slicing meat that is barely cooked — while the contrasting stillness of the right hand shows the steadiness required. The scrunched eyebrow, the shadowy smoke to his right — food smoking, broiling, frying sizzling, boiling, etc. Who knows who is walking around amid those billowy clouds trying to get work done. In a single picture, the entire action of a French steakhouse is captured.

Ed Alcock is a British photographer. After completing a doctorate in mathematics, he moved to Paris in 2000, becoming the correspondent for The Guardian and The New York Times. He collaborates regularly with Le Monde, M, The Guardian, The Sunday Times Magazine, Madame Figaro, El Pais Magazine, Psychologies, etc. He was awarded the prize of “Best Photographer of the Year 1999” in The Guardian and The Independent Media
Awards. His first book, Hobbledehoy, was published in 2013, complete with an original short-story by French novelist, Emmanuel Carrère.

I’m a total vegetarian, but I love food and cooking, so this picture makes me ask, “Do I look like that when I’m late with breakfast?”

Biographical information on Ed Alcock was provided directly via e-communication (i.e., email and Twitter).


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