Gabby’s Quantified Self: You Are What You Eat

My daily caloric count hardly ever crosses 1300; but on the days it does, I always assume that I ate too many carbs. Which major food group – carbohydrates, proteins or fats – take up the most of my calories on days where I eat more than usual?

For one week (Jan. 28 to Feb. 4), I logged in to my profile on and entered the composition and quantity of my meals, typically breakfast and lunch with an occasional smoothie for dinner. I used the “My Recipes” feature profusely, as our way of cooking and eating is so deviates from the food list SuperTracker offers. My daily routine, morning and afternoon, was to enter recipes then add the portions to my daily intake chart.

I noticed that no matter what the caloric intake I consistently ate about 10 percent protein, 60 percent carbs and 30 percent fats during those seven days. On the two days where I ate more calories than usual, I typically consumed slightly a slightly less percentage of protein and carbs and more in fat.

I also thought that desserts were the culprit for my higher calorie intake. However, it was my little brother’s fatty unleavened gems, of which I ate four (472 kcal) on Jan. 28; and on Feb. 4, nearly all of my foods consisted of 100 calories or more – like the Sunflower Seed cheese sauce (142 kcal) for my corn chips (264 kcal), not to mentions the pecans I ate that Sunday (171 kcal). Even my mom’s pumpkin pudding did not make much difference at 142 kcal. And yet, I still maintained this eerie balance of around 10:60:30 or 10:50:40. That raised a few questions: Would I maintain this balance for one month? What is the ratio supposed to be?


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