Plowing Through

Written for JOURN 333 Photo Assignment 4.

“Mr. Greathouse is here!”


“Mr. Greathouse is here! He’s plowing the snow!” Michael replied.

I don’t think I have ever moved so fast in my whole life. I had just been contemplating how I would finish my “people at work” assignment. Who could I speak to? Then they spoke. In less than two minutes I was outside, suited in my winter garb, asking the truckers if I could photograph them for a school assignment. “Sure,” one of them said. So I started framing… only to realize that I had not replaced my CF card after dumping photos to my dad’s computer. Race back in, race back out.

Because I was in a hurry, I used program mode, so sadly, I did not use shutter priority. That night, though, I experimented with manual while taking pictures with my dad.

I wanted to capture the spray of salt from the back of the truck; but I was not close enough, and I think manual would have done better justice. I pretty much stayed towards one side of the yard because I did not want to get in their way; but I did want to run across and get them from over the hill behind the church and from the other side of the blacktop facing the house rather than backing it. But oh well.

Another setback (which I noticed mid-shoot, but chose not to address) was the way the sun shone. It was harsh light, especially with the reflection of the snow, so some of of my pictures came out underexposed, and others overexposed. Not so good.

My favorite ones were taken from above the “winter trail” (the alternative road used when the main hill is too slick to get up or down). The lighting was actually perfect there. So there is one good picture and one bad picture. 🙂

Snow Plowing the Blacktop, Church in the Background

Meta Data – Pic 1 (Bad One, Harsh Light)

shutter speed: 1/160

aperture: f/10.0

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Basic – No Flash

Snow Plow Truck Amid the Trees of Winter Trail

Meta Data – Pic 2 (Better Picture, Taken from above, a little dark) – Using shutter priority would have improved the photograph for sure.

shutter speed: 1/125

aperture: f/9.0

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Basic – No Flash


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