Written for JOURN 333 (Photojournalism) Research Assignment 5.

In January, Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupted. Then in February, it erupted again.

The above photo of the January episode was captured by 29-year-old Sutanta Aditya, who was born and raised in Indonesia and is now based there as a freelance photojournalist for Analisa Daily. In the past, he has worked for (Agence France-Presse) AFP and Global Daily.

Gorgeous green grass with reddish-gray cloud of smoke covering the blue sky and ash rushing down the mountainside covering everything in its path: those are in complete juxtaposition. They do not go together. And yet, there they are.

This picture is interesting to me because while it is a portrait of nature, it does not depict the serenity or peace which often accompanies such a picture. The mountains around my house are beautiful; none of them make me afraid. But for those near Karo, they know that no matter how beautiful, this mountain is deadly.

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