A Long Way

Written for JOURN 333 Photo Assignment 5.

This week, I was in full manual mode. Yay!

I played around with depth of field in the two pictures below. The idea was to capture the “hole at the end of the tunnel” — the greenery at the end of my family’s porch. However, on Try No. 1, I failed to account for exposure, so it is a bit dark.

Meta Data – Pic 1

shutter speed: 1/50

aperture: f/5.6

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Manual

It is also blurry. The field, which I intended to be lmy foreground, is not crisp, and the wooden beams command far too much attention. I did not mean for them to be the focus of the image. But for the second miage, I decided that might be better.

So on Try No. 2, I decided to make the field out-of-focus and act as though a child were looking towards it (maybe a child who wears glasses but is not wearing them at the time. Like me, on many occasions.) It seems to him like a long way before he can reach sunshine. From his perspective, the closest beam is clearest, and the next is less clear, and so on, with the field being blurry. I also extended my exposure time to make a brighter picture. Does anyone think it is overexposed?

Meta Data – Pic 2

shutter speed: 1/20

aperture: f/5.6

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Manual

The last picture is a different part of the church property entirely. If you notice, Chip is in the bottom-right corner of the frame, sitting on what we call “the winter trail,” which we use when we cannot get up or down our regular driveway.

It is kind of blurry, which I do not like: I have terrible camera shake.

Maybe if it were a later time of day when the sun was more pronounced, this picture would have been awesome. A slower shutter speed may also have helped.

The bend in the road makes the trail seem endless. But I know the road: it ends. 🙂

Meta Data – Pic 3

shutter speed: 1/160

aperture: f/5.6

white balance: daylight

ISO: 100

Exposure: Manual


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