Gabby’s Code of Ethics for Photography

Written for JOURN 333 (Photojournalism) Assignment 6 Discussion.

In an effort to be honest, fair and unbiased in my photography, I will

  1. Not alter photos taken for news publications if they distort the idea that the picture represents.
  2. Frame pictures so that as much of the scene as is relevant is captured.
  3. Clearly note that a photograph has been altered and list what alterations took place.
  4. Avoid altering the appearance of people to make them appear different from who they are in real life.
  5. Be at liberty to apply color schemes such as black and white, sequoia; but not to change saturation or localized hues unless expressly noted.
  6. Try to use camera settings that best depict what the human eye is seeing (ISO, white balance, etc), except for artistic purposes or to explain how each setting affects exposure.
  7. Blur faces and / or names as is necessary to protect a person’s / place’s privacy / identity.
  8. Be at liberty to alter photos for artistic purposes without mentioning the changes made, as long as I do not proport them to be as they are in real life. If I do, mention changes made.
  9. Not consider scaling to be a type of alteration, unless by doing so, some detail is made of minor importance.
  10. Use sparingly posed photography for news publications.
  11. Crop photographs as needed, so long as in doing so, the message of the image remains in tact.

Now, nearly all of these deal with image manipulation on some level. I largely would follow my code. Alterations for graphic design is one thing — although, advertising a countryside picnic with a Photoshopped mountain is deceptive. But by and large, I am okay with modification for personal or graphic pursuits. But my code is firm when it comes to published work on any scale.


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