Written for JOURN 333 (Photojournalism) Research Assignment 7.

At the brink of the new year, my mom, a friend and I traveled from West Virginia to Florida’s Orlando Convention Center for my denomination’s largest youth conference: Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC). My friend mentioned that 4,000 people were in attendance one day. The high day was Sabbath (Saturday), with over 6,000 people in attendance. It was packed! My mom tried to find a seat closer to the front to better see me play in orchestra, but to no avail. Every seat available was either occupied or saved for someone.

Adventist Review dedicated an entire issue to the 5-day weekend event, and fittingly chose this picture [of the Sabbath Morning Session, above] by Adam Jackson.

Adam Jackson entered the world of photography at the age of 12 while living in Australia. Since then, he has gone through several online photography courses to help broaden his skills. He has taken a lot of photographs for GYC. After homeschooling through high school, he began attending Weimar College in 2012 and is pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy.

Biographical information on Adam Jackson obtained from…


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