Yes, my self-portrait is super blurry. But I decided to post it anyway because I want you to see my progress throughout this semester. Not to mention, the best self-portrait I have was taken two and a half years ago…

Written for JOURN 333 Photo Assignment 1.Assignment 1 - Gabby's Self-Portrait

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s sounds cliche, but the fact is that a good picture is one that instantly tells the story, one that could stand alone with a headline and say so much. I love words; and I feel that the next best thing is powerful imagery. If a child can grasp it and a doctorate can extract the nuances of the image, I would say that it is a success.

I am 18, just out of high school last spring, and I am pursuing UMassOnline’s Certificate in Journalism. For this class, a family friend let me borrow his Canon EOS Rebel T3i with 18mm-55mm lens and I will be using GimpShop for editing. I am running Windows 8 on a Gateway laptop (I’m a PC girl).

I love taking pictures — my favorite genre is food photography — but I am definitely an amateur. To compensate, I started reading Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography, Book 1. It does not go into the technological terms, but that is fine since I will learn them here.

I think [my classmate] clearly expressed a major goal of mine: getting out of auto mode! Also, I need a lot of help getting clear pictures. Maybe the camera will take getting used to, but I thin some of it is me. =)

Being able to take my own pictures for a cookbook or cooking class advertisement would be really neat. Also, the friend whose camera I am borrowing operates a real estate agency; so helping him with picture taking would be nice too. Those are some of my practical end-of-class goals.

(PS: Taking a good selfie took forever. I really don’t like them – too many things to be critical about! But once the natural light started beaming from the window, the photo shoot went well. I used the “No Flash” on Basic mode.)


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